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At The Jasmine Retreat, we believe the Secret to health is a holistic health approach.
The online retreat offers you a monthly membership designed to support you in finding balance and harmony in your mind and body enabling you to  live an active life, feeling forever young and free.

Providing you with all the tools necessary to achieve sustainable health and fitness success.

Choose from one of our many wonderful options available to our club members for a truly transformative experience.

Turn up the heat in The Gym room by talking part in one of our specially tailored exercise sessions.

Relax tight muscles and enjoy the feeling of flexibility in one of our stretch and tone workouts.

Or if you are looking for tranquillity to melt away the stresses of the day, find relaxation and meditation in the Serenity room.

If natural nutrition tickles your fancy, why not head over to the Nature room where you will find specifically designed nourishing recipes, ready made nutritional guides, grocery lists and more.

And if home health supplies are on todays agenda, meander down to the Oasis Boutique where you will find items such as wellbeing products, home fitness equipment and much more!

We welcome you to join our club on this journey towards your body transformation, inner peace and freedom.

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 The Best Investment you will ever make, is in


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