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A c h i e v e  Y o u r   G O A L

Do you feel guilty for wanting more for yourself?

Have you felt as though you are not worthy enough to have a body like that?

Do you find that you can't seem to get past a certain size when you try to lose weight?

Do you expect to fail at losing weight?

Do you feel like you come last? and it is selfish to want more for yourself?

Do you find yourself sabotaging your progress if you have a "bad" day?

creating a cycle of restriction then overeating?

Do you feel like there is never enough time for you?

Are you paralyzed with fear at the thought of ill health?

Do you feel anxiety when thinking about your weight?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the diet industry?

Is your lack of confidence often the reason you say "no" to things you want to do?

Do you feel that you're just not the kind of person who will ever be "thin"?

Are you waiting for something outside of yourself to come and save you, like a "miracle diet pill"?


S T R I V E  is for You!

S T R I V E self paced course allows you to finally see and understand the negative mindset behind your eating behaviours – and learn the techniques you need to change it.

For many woman, the journey to a healthier life is so much more than just losing weight.

It is also an emotional journey of self-discovery that leads to a renewed sense of self-love and self-confidence.

Maria's clients completely transform their lives and finally get the happy, healthy life they deserve.

Maria guides and supports you on your own transformation journey to discovering the best version of yourself, Through her inspiring and creative approach to weight loss.

Overcoming your limiting core beliefs and mental obstacles holding you back is crucial for long term weight loss.

During the course you will gain the knowledge, skills and tools you need to lose weight and then maintain it, not just for the short term, but forever.

Maria knows through personal experience the impact our beliefs have on emotional eating and weight loss.

 These beliefs can have detrimental effects on your life.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

You CAN overcome it and quickly, it can happen in weeks once you know exactly how.

If this resonates with you, then you are likely ready and committed to making the changes needed for true transformation and building that happy life you've been dreaming of.

If you want to feel empowered and stop feeling controlled by food and hating yourself.

S T R I V E  is for you.

If you want to feel free, love yourself, live your live without worry of health issues and restriction.

S T R I V E  is for you.

S T R I V E  is a completely unique course designed with you in mind.

Focusing on resolving limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviours and emotional eating, getting to the root of why you are struggling to lose weight.

No more fad diets, yoyo diets, low calorie and restriction, but true food freedom.

Living life with the ability to enjoy food without shame or starvation and end the cycle of always

"being on a diet."

No more wasting money on crazy diets that don't work for the long term and that do more damage than good,

further confusing you and making you feel like a failure.

So, if you’re ready to take the first step to becoming the very best version yourself. Hit the join now button.

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What's included . . .


  • The Life Changing Secret to Fat Loss self-paced course.

  • Transformative tools to help you reshape your limiting beliefs.

  • 50 plant based recipes to get you started.

  • Home exercise guide

  • Fast Fat Burners Exercise video

  • How to work out your ideal calories & protein requirements

  • Meditations. 

  • Done for you powerful affirmations.

  • Transformative tools & strategies using psychological techniques.

  • Access to the Team Elevate private community membership group for support & Q&As.

  • Done for you grocery lists, blank planners & trackers.

 The Best Investment you will ever make, is in


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