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Maria Jasmine

Are you tired of putting your health on the back burner?

Do you find yourself constantly juggling family, social commitments, and work, leaving little time for self-care?

Do you wish there was a simple solution to lose the weight?


Look no further. STRIVE: The Secret to Fat Loss is your holistic, self-paced fat loss programme designed specifically for women like you.

Why It Works:

STRIVE has turned overwhelm into serenity for countless women. Now, it’s your turn. Imagine your friends in awe as you thrive, not just survive.

No More Waiting. No More Excuses.

If you’re serious about shedding the lbs, it’s time to act.


STRIVE: The Secret to Fat Loss will give you all the tools you need to make a real change.

Don’t just dream it. Do it. Join STRIVE now and start living the life you deserve!


Imagine in less than an hour a day how much time you will save having all the answers and steps in one place,


It's time to prioritize your health and wellbeing because after all, health is priceless.

You will love S T R I V E Programme, thoughtfully designed by Maria, who deeply understands your struggles. 

Maria's personal journey of growth has been inspiring & impactful. She now uses her experience to support and empower other women to take charge of their lives, creating a ripple of positive change worldwide.

Experience instant access to the latest ground-breaking research in neuroscience and behaviour change with S T R I V E.


The very thing that changed Maria's life from chaos to health, harmony & inner peace. 

Maria's goal is to help you achieve the slim, healthy body you desire as easily as possible.

You could continue living with food guilt, anxiety and unwanted pounds, but you wouldn't have read up to this point if you didn't want change. 

You're here because you believe you deserve a fulfilling life in all areas, you deserve true health, a strong body that supports you, amazing relationships and a successful life.

Imagine after completing S T R I V E 's proven system, you could be living a completely different healthy life.

Side effects include . . .


  • A hot, sexy body.

  • A fitter, happier you!

  • Saying Goodbye to Stress & Anxiety

  • Having more Fulfilling Relationships

  • Having a Deeper Sense of Purpose

  • Remaining calm & in control in all situations

  • Increased Vitality Giving You More Energy for Your Loved Ones 

  • Improved Overall Health & Well-being

  • Feeling Stronger, Happier, & more Balanced

  • Being THAT Woman Who Really Does Have It All


What's Inside The Course?

  • Unlock the secrets to overcoming limiting beliefs, remove the root cause of limitations, past traumas, & reprogram your mind for weight loss. designed for motivated women who are ready to take control of their mental & physical well-being. It's time to break free from the barriers holding you back & create the life you deserve.

  • Dive into the world of plant-based nutrition to find natural health and vitality and regain control of your life. It's time to prioritize your health & well-being while achieving your goals.

  • Discover the powers of Yin Yoga with an easy to follow guide to remove past trauma and blocks and cultivate inner peace .

  • Learn at a time that fits into your schedule, convenient to you and your life.

Don't let overwhelm stop you from living your best life.

Join today & take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

When you join S T R I V E Programme, today, you’ll get access to Maria's

  • Ready-made grocery list to streamline your shopping experience..

  • Professionally designed Yin Yoga Guide to help you achieve your fitness objectives & release all that is holding you back.

  • Delicious & nutritious plant-based recipes to keep your meals exciting & satisfying.

  • Mind training videos & resources to overcome any limiting beliefs around wellness & the specialist tools to cultivate a positive mindset & enhance your mental well-being. This is deep, transformative work worth it's weight in gold.

  • Learn The Life Changing Secret to Fat Loss in one all inclusive self-paced course.

  • Receive Transformative tools to help you reshape your limiting beliefs.

  • 50 plant based recipes to inspire you.

  • Home exercise guide

  • Fast Fat Burners Exercise video

  • Calorie & protein calculation guide so you know exactly what your requirements are to lose the weight.

  • Healing Meditations to promote relaxation, stress relief, & mindfulness.

  • Powerful affirmations.

  • Profoundly Transformative tools & strategies using psychological techniques.

  • Readymade grocery lists, blank planners & fitness trackers.

  • Join today & take your health & fitness to a whole new level.



Invest in Your Health, Because with Health,

Anything is Possible.

Click below to purchase the programme.



I can't wait to see on the inside!​
















Have any questions about purchasing, billing or payments?

Please email us at Mariajasminefitness@gmail.com

100 Days to Serenity ~ Maria Jasmine

The Four Pillars

The Main Mindset Blocks that hold women back on their weight loss journey.

Have any questions?

Please email Mariajasminefitness@gmail.com 

 The Best Investment you will ever make, is in


Welcome to the
100 Days to Serenity

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