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The S T R I V E Course

Terms and Conditions


The coach will keep the client’s information private and will not share the client’s information to any third party unless compelled by law.


The parties agree and accept that the only venue for resolving a dispute shall be the venue set forth herein below.

The parties agree the client is responsible for the results.

The client expressly assumes the risks of the program. The client releases the coach from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which the client ever had, now has or will have in the future against the coach, arising from the client’s past or future participation in, or should not be seen as medical, financial or mental health advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals for issues that need immediate care.


By participating in the STRIVE program, the client acknowledges that Maria Jasmine (coach) is not a psychologist, therapist, or financial advisor and coaching does not replace the care of other professionals. The client has chosen to work with the coach and understands that the information received should not be seen as medical or financial.

The information shown through the coach’s website, programs and/or services are examples of what may be possible for a client. The coach does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes.

The coach cannot guarantee that you will become or remain happy or healthy during or after the program.


In respect of the documents specifically created for the client as part of the services, the coach maintains all the copyright, other intellectual property and any other data or material used or subsisting in the material whether finished or unfinished. Nothing in this agreement shall transfer ownership or rights to the client.

The client shall not threaten or make chargebacks to the coach’s account or cancel the credit card that is provided as security without the coach’s prior written consent. The client shall pay any fees associated with recouping payment, including but not limited to collection fees and legal fees. In the event of a chargeback the coach Maria Jasmine reserves the rights to report ‘fees. The client shall pay for the programme in full. The client authorises Maria Jasmine to charge the credit/debit card(s) at the time the charges are due and shall not require a separate authorisation for each charge. (Relating to pay by monthly instalments)

In the event of the client falls to make any of the payments within the payment plan during the time prescribed. Maria Jasmine has the right to immediately disallow the participation by the client until payment is made in the full amount.

Maria Jasmine Fitness does not offer any refunds to ensure clients are fully committed to the programme There are no exceptions to the refund policy.

If client selects a payment plan option. The client agrees to pay the fees to the coach according to the payment schedule set forth on the coach’s website or otherwise provided to the client.

The client shall not receive any refund partial or otherwise if they are unable to attend some or all of the coaching calls. The client acknowledges that the coach shall schedule coaching calls at all times of day to accommodate time-zones around the world and not all coaching calls will be within their waking hours.

Clients shall not share, copy, or disseminate or sell the materials and /or log in information for either commercial or non-commercial purposes.

If applicable to the services purchased, the company shall set the dates and times for group coaching calls.

The scope of services rendered by the coach pursuant to this agreement shall be solely limited to those provided, on the coach’s website and/ or the sales page associated with the said services. Coach reserves the right to substitute services equal to or comparable to the services offered for the client if reasonably required by prevailing circumstances.


Upon execution of this agreement electronically, verbally, or otherwise, the coach agrees to provide services in accordance with the products/programs outlined on the Maria Jasmine Fitness website/or other domains/social media.

By clicking ‘Buy Now, ‘Purchase’ or any other phrase on the purchase button, entering your credit card information or otherwise enrolling electronically, verbally or otherwise, you (client) agree you are financially willing and capable of investing and participating in this program, and to be provided with programs/products/services by Maria Jasmine (coach) and you are entering into a legally binding agreement.

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