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Meditation Music

Listen to these calming meditation music tracks regularly for optimum health benefits.

Benefits of meditation include greater attention and awareness of self.

Ideal for destressing after a hectic day and helpful for rebalancing your entire system.

Mediation gives you an opportunity to calm your thoughts and improve focus.

To get the best from these mediations. I recommend the following. 

Use headphones if possible.

Sit in a darkened room where you wont be disturbed. 20-30 minutes is ideal.

Sit or lay in a relaxed position with your eyes closed.

Start by focusing your attention on the rise and fall of your stomach as you breathe in through your nose slow, deep breathes for 4 out of your mouth for 4 counts.

Imagine you are breathing in white, healing light into your body.

Continue this for 1-2 minutes.

Then as you relax further and continue to listen to the music focus your attention on a bright circle of light in your mind.

The aim is to switch off and think of nothing.

As you calm your mind it is common to have many thoughts pop up.

Allow any thoughts to come by and continue to refocus on the light for the duration of the session.

It can take a few sessions to get into the flow, but once you do it is incredibly healing and destressing.

At the end of your mediation, set yourself an intention for the day ahead (or following day).

An example is 'I am always calm in stressful situations'. Or simply. 'Today is a great day'. Or 'I always choose to eat healthy food'

The more you partake in these kinds of practises the easier and more natural it becomes and the more balanced you will feel.

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Please note. Redistribution of these soundtracks is prohibited.
Only use for individual therapeutic reasons.


What are affirmations ?

Affirmations are short statements you can say to yourself regularly.


Affirmations can help increase your confidence, self-love and gratitude.


They can help you overcome challenging and limiting thoughts.

Repeating affirmations is similar to going to the gym. It's like a workout for your brain.


Affirmations aren’t a one and done quick fix. Similar to starting a new workout routine you won't see results after one day!


It isn’t as simple as “just saying” a few words and hoping it’ll change things.


Over time, with repetition and consistency you will build this mental muscle and change the way you think, in turn this will change how you behave, which affects the results you get in life.

Get started now with the following done for you affirmations.

Fitness Affirmations

I am fit, strong and powerful, always.

I achieve my fitness goals with ease.

By exercising, I am an amazing role model for others.

My body works exactly as it is supposed to.

I am lean, fit, and fabulous!

My body is in perfect health all the time.

I love my body for everything amazing it can do!

If she can do it, so can I.

Health Affirmations

I am grateful for this wonderful food that nourishes my body.


Every day in every way I am becoming healthier and stronger.

The food that I eat supports my existence.

The healthy food that I eat builds my health and gives me energy.

I am always listening to my body when eating. I stop eating when I feel full.

Confidence Affirmations

I accept compliments from others.


I never give up.

I accept myself and others.

I am worthy of love.


I learn from my mistakes.


I am enough.


I have the power to change what doesn’t work for me.

I have what it takes to be successful.

I am a good person, even when I have to say no.

I love myself unconditionally.

Healthy Snacks

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