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Maria Jasmine

About Maria

Maria is a leading expert in the wellness industry, combining her background in Personal Training & Life Coaching, with her deep knowledge of Plant-based Nutrition, Spiritual practises, Yoga, & Hypnotherapy. Maria places emphasis on a holistic approach to health & fitness transformation & isn’t quite like any other fitness coach’ you’ve experienced.

Maria's Story


My life wasn't always like this . . .

Six years ago,

I was four stone overweight, stuck in an unhappy marriage. I was insecure and feeling utterly miserable.

I thought fitness was difficult, and I believed the only way to lose weight was through quick-fix diets and hours of hard gym workouts.

With these beliefs, I tried diet after diet, resigning myself to a life of lack, feeling like a failure for not achieving the weight loss. I dedicated all my focus on raising my son, ignoring my own needs.. Becoming a fitness coach seemed like someone else's life not something I ever saw myself doing.

I was far from the fitness industry, and teaching about holistic wellness.

Little did I know a change was coming, when a friend suggested we join a local gym for Zumba classes.

Immediately I fell in love with Zumba. As I became more energetic, met inspiring people, and got fitter, I began to fall in love with life again.


This was the start of my transformational journey. I started to believe in myself and started to prioritise self care, I began researching plant based nutrition and I decided to start nourishing my body instead of hating it. Through doing this I was able to heal an autoimmune condition.

My life began improving at a rapid pace, 

Within six months, I had shed the four stone of fat and emotional baggage I'd been carrying, discovered I was worth more than the relationship I had been in.

I became dedicated to eating a plant-based diet and was on my way to not only being fitter than ever before but also training to become a Zumba instructor myself.

At this point I trained to become a Life Coach initially for my own mental health, but through this it became a foundational part of my coaching programmes. I realized everything starts with belief. The beliefs I held about what was possible for me and my belief about my ability to achieve better.  It all started with my mindset, and then the changes followed.


As I continued on my journey, I became a Personal Trainer, a hypnotherapist and more recently a Yoga Instructor. I totally immersed myself in the world of personal development and wellbeing.

Fast forward to today. II truly believe that you can have it all. With knowledge, understanding and the right support, change is not only possible, but easy.

My mission is to help women shed the weight, but alongside this become the strong, powerful humans they were meant to be.


 The Best Investment you will ever make, is in


Welcome to the
100 Days to Serenity

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